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Term and Conditions

Applicable state and federal laws govern RV Mail LLC and all agreements with RV Mail LLC. Any information found on should not be construed as legal or tax advice. Any use of our services to subvert state or federal law, or to avoid proper remittance of taxes, is not the responsibility of RV Mail LLC.

In the agreement below, “We” corresponds to RV Mail LLC, and “You” corresponds to the client.

Mail Forwarding Service

When you hire RV Mail LLC to, We agree to:

  • Provide You or Your business with a real mailing address in Delaware, Florida, Montana, or Wyoming
  • Accept mail on behalf of you or your business
  • Sort legitimate mail from junk mail
  • Shred all junk mail
  • Scan and upload all legitimate mail into Your digital account
  • When directed, forward physical mail to You

If at any time We determine that Our services are being used to subvert state or federal laws, We reserve the right to terminate service immediately.

RV Mail LLC does not provide, repackage or sell client information to third parties for any reason. Nor do we share client information with any company, agency or organization unless required to be state or federal court order.


If You have ordered service and You request a cancellation within 24 hours, a partial refund is available. After 24 hours, We reserve the right to approve or deny refunds at Our discretion.


RV Mail LLC’s liability, financial or otherwise, is in all ways limited to fees paid to RV Mail LLC.

Additional Fees

If You agree to service, You agree to the following additional fees, should they be necessary:

  • Returned Check Fee: $35
  • Insufficient Funds Fee: $35
  • Late Payment Fee: $35
  • Disputed Charges Fee: $175 *

* Please call in the event that you intend to dispute a charge.

Privacy Policy

RV Mail LLC maintains industry security standards and implements varied security measures to protect any and all client data, both personal and non-personal. This data is protected against loss, theft, misuse and alteration.

No client data is ever released, provided to, repackaged, shared or sold with third-party companies, individuals, organizations or agencies except upon state or federal court order.

Data of Minors Under 13

We do not enter into contracts or accept monetary payment, or collect or solicit personal information of minors under the age of 13.

Juveniles under the age of 13 are prohibited from providing any personal or non-personal information to this website. Also prohibited is any and all attempts to impersonate an adult or any other individual that is not You.

If at any time We discover that data has been collected from a juvenile under the age of 13, all data collected will be removed and deleted, and all service will be immediately terminated.

Kind of Data Collected

Personal, Financial and Business Data

All personally identifiable information collected from You is used purely to provide mail forwarding service. No personal, financial or business data is ever released, provided to, repackaged, shared or sold to any third-party, unless required by court order.

Personal information includes: names, addresses, email addresses, etc.

Financial information includes: credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates and CVC codes necessary to process payment for services.

Business information includes: names, addresses, email addresses, etc. of your business, if necessary.

All data is collected directly through Our website.

Non-Personal Data

This website utilizes cookies to track user preferences and behaviors. Cookies are not utilized to collect personal data. You are under no obligation to enable cookies on your web browser, however, disabling cookies may result in an inability to purchase Our services.

Non-personal data is used internally only and is never shared, repackaged, sold or distributed to any third-party.

Policy Changes Without Notice

Changes to this policy may occur without notice. We are under no obligation to inform You of these changes, should they occur. It is under the discretion of RV Mail LLC to determine if substantive changes to this policy should be communicated to clients.