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8 RV Traveling Advantages

Check out these 8 RV traveling advantages of the RV life stylist. If you are on the fence about living that RV life, these 9 things that are good about RV living may sway you. Start living the good life, and start living the RV life.

  • Yank All the Cords
  • Save Money
  • Flexibility
  • Special Bonding Time
  • Variety
  • Education
  • Back to Nature
  • Convenience

Pull All Cords (Stay in touch with mail online)

Release yourself from the confinements of paid attachments. The monthly electric bill, water bill, internet bill, and all the rest are draining you of cash and freedom. When you are in a house all day with electronic devices, you tend to forget about being healthy and getting out to do things. What about necessities like mail? Stay in touch with RV mail forwarding for only $99 a year from RV Mail. Read your mail online, no matter where you roam. You will feel much better when releasing yourself from all the restricting cords, while still staying in touch.

Save Cash Everyday

No more rent payments, no more home utility bills and no more real estate taxes for the full time RV traveler. And if you are using an RV for vacations, you can save a bunch of money too! Expensive hotel rooms and eating every meal out can take it’s toll on your bank account. Whether it is an extended vacation or a lifestyle, the RV can save you money in the long run.


With the flexibility of RV traveling, you will be in complete control of your itinerary. The days of check in and check out times are over when you are living that RV life. The crowds at the airports, the delays and expenses are not worth it. Sleeping in a bed that hundreds others have, loud hotel neighbors and crazy rules will no longer be your problem. You are the captain of your RV and you set the course on your timeline.

Spending Time Together

It’s hard in these trying times to spend time together with family or a significant other. Traveling in an RV and seeing the sites together gives you plenty of time to connect or to reconnect. Make memories together in the most glorious ways, seeing this beautiful country we call the United States of America. And when you get sick of each other, just take a hike in opposite directions.

Variety Everyday

Have it all with the tip of your toe, just press the gas and go! If variety is the spice of life then the full time Rver is as hot as the sun. You will have so many choices and options that your days will never repeat and run into each other. Have a new food everyday, see a point of interest and experience different foliage on your travels. You will never be bored again.

Educational Experiences

Not being confined to a city block most of your days can really open up the possibilities to absorb knowledge wherever you roam. See National Parks, museums, old architecture, other cultures and so much more when on the road to new places. Most places to visit are relatively inexpensive and a lot of museums just ask for a small donation for admittance fees.

Connect with Nature

What better way to be one with nature than parking your house right the middle of the wilderness. Modern man has evolved into a sort of cyborg that is dependent on electronics and man made structures. We are from the dirt and must maintain a relationship with Mother Nature. Breath the fresh air, feel the green upon your fingertips and clear your mind of the dark sides of humanity. There are so many wonderful and safe RV campgrounds to visit. See our favorite RV parks here.


An RV has all the conveniences of home and then some. You have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and with RV mail forwarding service, you will have a permanent address for mail. Spend just 10 minutes cleaning your entire house and read your scanned mail online. Now that’s convenient!

Order RV Mail Forwarding Service

Now that you know the advantages of traveling in an RV, take the first step and order mail forwarding service from RV Mail. Get your permanent address situated before you travel under the great blue sky in your RV.

How Does RV Mail Forwarding Ordering Work?

Obtaining a mailing address while you are in an RV is super easy. You will just need to fill out our short online form to request service.

  1. Order RV Mail Forwarding Service
  2. Get Your New RV Mailing Address After Processing
  3. Give Out Your New Address to Business Contacts, Friends & Family
  4. When Mail Arrives, It Is Scanned Online For You to Read
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