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Get Mail Wherever You Are

Whether you’re spending a month in the Redwoods of Northern California or enjoying the sun in the in the Gulf Stream waters, RV Mail will ensure your mail gets to you wherever you are.

Traveling cross-country for months at a time no longer means that you need to put your mail on hold or have your neighbors collect it for you. Simply signup for one of our RV mail forwarding services, and you’ll be receive your mail wherever you are, either digitally through a secure, online account or we’ll simply forward the original item your requested location.

RV Mail Forwarding Locations

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Unique Wyoming Address
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How Does RV Mail Forwarding Work?

With RV Mail Forwarding, you can choose to have your mail received by one of our offices in either Montana or Wyoming. Simply complete our signup form (takes a minute or two) and your mail forwarding service will be complete. Our service is one of the most inexpensive you’ll find: $99 a year! Once you submit your payment and the RV mail forwarding signup form, you’ll be assigned a Montana or Wyoming address, depending on which state you chose. Included with every RV mail forwarding order, you’ll also receive:

  • Daily Mail Scanning
    When we receive a piece of mail on your behalf, we’ll scan it in minutes of its delivery.
  • Secure, Online Account
    When we scan and forward your mail, we’ll upload it to your online account in real time. Once your mail is scanned and uploaded, you’ll be able to view your mail anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Junk Mail Shredding
    We’ve been doing this long enough to know junk mail when we see it, and as part of every RV mail forwarding service, we shred that junk! Junk mail is one of the most annoying things about receiving mail, and there’s no way we’d want to pass any of it on to our RV mail forwarding clients. Of course, if there’s any indecisiveness on our part, we err on the side of caution, but we won’t be uploading coupons and Big Lots sales notices, unless of course you want us to.
  • On-Demand Forwarding
    We pride ourselves on fast mail scans, but we understand some clients require privacy for some items. You have the option of selecting our scan and forward option, or if you know a piece of mail will be arriving, and you prefer we’d forward it, just let us know where to send it.
  • Stability
    We own our office buildings in Montana and in Wyoming. This means you don’t have to worry about us moving or changing addresses. We’re in it for the long haul.
  • One Simple Fee
    We charge $99 a year for unlimited mail forwarding. There’s no catch, no add-ons, just a simple service for what amounts to $8.25 a month. $99 a year will get your mail to you wherever you are.

How Much Does RV Mail Forwarding Cost?

One simple payment of $99 gets you a year of mail forwarding service. No matter if you’re driving your RV through Alaska or exploring the Everglades, your mail will find you for only $99 a year.

Can I Change my Forwarding Mailing Address?

While traveling, we know you’ll be in different places, and at any given time, you may receive a piece of mail you need an original hard copy of. With RV mail, all you need to do is log into your secure, online RV mail account and change your contact information. It’s a simple process that ensures your mail is never lost and it can be sent whenever and wherever you need it to go. That way you can travel wherever you want to go and we can forward your mail to any address you request.

The Most Comprehensive RV Mail Forwarding Option

At, we know what it’s like to be on the road. That’s why we’ve create our mail forwarding service. To feel truly free, you need to have all your bases have been covered, and ensuring your mail can reach you no matter where your adventures may lead. helps to ensure that your home and mailing address are truly wherever you are.