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Choose Your RV Domicile State

If you need to choose your RV domicile state, you may be wondering which state is the right one for your circumstances. As an RV owner, you have an advantage most people don’t, you home is mobile and you can choose what state laws to follow.


Choose Your RV Domicile State

How to Choose Domicile State

Every state has advantages and disadvantages when you are trying to figure out how to choose domicile state locations. Subjects to consider before making your choice are things like the state taxes, driver license requirements, insurances and home schooling laws. RV Mail offers mail forwarding address in the best states for RV domestication. Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Texas, and Wyoming will give you the option of obtaining the right fit for you.


State Fee Chart*


State Income Tax

Income Tax Rate

Driver License Fee

Vehicle Tag Fees

Fuel Tax in Cents





$40 and Up






$27 and Up






$35 and Up






By Year






By Year






Fee + .03%


*Prices and percentages are subject to change. Cents rounded up.


How to Establish an RV Domicile

We put together a loose guide to reference in your journey in understanding how to establish an RV domicile, in the state of your choice. Contact state officials in the location of your choice for specific legal requirements on the following RV domicile subjects.


Things to Consider:

  • Establish Address

  • Legal Paperwork

  • Drivers License

  • Voter Registration

  • Local Ties

  • Disassociation


Establishing an Address

First and foremost, obtain an address in the state where you want to become a resident in. RV Mail will provide a professional mailing address with mail forwarding and online mail viewing capabilities. Unlike other RV mail forwarding provider options, we can get you a mailing address for only $99 a year!


Legal Formalities

Make sure that the powers that be know your legal status. File your Federal/State tax returns in your new state of residence. Request copies of returns be physically sent to your new address. Get your RV and car on the books with your new state, as well. With a new license plate on your RV, there is little doubt where you are from. If the state you choose for your new home has any forms to fill out for residency, get it done quickly. For example, Florida has a Declaration of Domicile to file in your local county.


Home State Identification

When you have a drivers license or identification card with your picture and the state’s name as the title, people know where you are from. Apply for a new driver license or ID card in your new state of residential domestication. The cost is minimal and usually the card will last for years until you need a renewal.


Voter Registration

Register to vote a proud new member of your state. Have your voter registration sent to your new mailing address for your RV and supply your new state ID when casting that vote for your favorite candidate.


Services and Relationships

Quickly sign up for services and make contacts with local people. Open a bank account in the city or county of your new RV mailing address. Become a member of a local church or organization. Set up primary care for health and dental. Participate in a yearly event that is involved in the community. These are all great ways to make new ties to a new place of residency.


Cut Ties with Old State

When it comes to association with your old state of residence, complete all contracts and cut all ties. If you truly want a person or organization to believe that you have a residence in a new state, you better take all appropriate actions. Cancel memberships in your old state, ask doctor offices to transfer records to the new office in your new state, and make sure recipients of payments have your new address.


Take the First Step in Setting Up State Domicile

Ready to start traveling in your RV? Begin the first step and establish a permanent mailing address with RV Mail. Enjoy the benefits of an RV mailing address, like these:

  • Someone to receive mail and packages full time.
  • Online scanned mail archive to read online.
  • Centralized mailing address while traveling the USA.
  • A way to get packages, medications and checks.
  • Proof of residency for new state domicile establishment.


Pick Your Address and Get Started Now!