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Florida RV Mail Service

Florida RV Mail Forwarding Address | Just $99 Yearly

Our Florida RV mail forwarding service is perfect for year-round RVers looking for a Florida mailing address that can be used for mail delivery and then scanned to read online. Physical shipments can be arranged, also!

How Florida RV Mail Forwarding Service Works:

When you signup for our Florida RV mail forwarding service, we will assign you a Florida mailing address. You can be anywhere in the US and use this service. You don’t have to live in Florida. When you hire us, we simply setup a Florida mailing address at our local Florida business office.

You can have your mail forwarded to this address. We will accept it at our office, open each document and scan it into our digital system. All of our customers have access to their own private online account where they can view their scanned mail.

You can login and check your account anywhere in the country. You will receive a notice from us whenever we scan a new piece of mail into your account.

Don’t want anyone reading your mail? No problem. We can simply scan the outside of the envelope into your account and forward the item to whatever address you desire (or you can choose to have us toss it in the trash). Physically forwarded mail is charged a $5 per item fee.

RV Mail Forwarding Service Includes

  • Unique Florida Mailing Address
  • Instant Account Access
  • Immediate Use of Your New Florida Mailing Address
  • All Mail Uploaded to Your Digital Account for You to View
  • Daily Mail Scanning
  • Original Mail Physically Forwarded ($5 Per Item Fee)
  • Storage. We’ll keep your digital documents for you as long as you want at no additional fee.
  • Junk Mail Shredding
  • All You Pay is $99 Per Year
Get RV Mail Forwarding for $99 a year!

How Much Does a Florida Mailing Address Cost?

$99 a year! No tricks. No gimmicks. Just an excellent, inexpensive service. We scan mail daily and upload it to your account within minutes of receiving it.

If you want original items sent to you, we’ll repackage those items and forward them to you for $5 for 60 days after we receive your mail.

How Do You Ship Packages?

If you receive a package (something larger/heavier than standard envelopes), we will ship it to whatever address you want. Package shipping rates are $10 per item plus shipping fees. We can forward packages by UPS, if you prefer. Special accommodations can be made, please reach out to our team if you have questions about our package deals.

Why Hire Us?

Our business is dedicated to providing full-time RVers with all the mailing support they need. Anytime you have a request or need to make a change, you can either do so online, or simply call us. We’re here to make your traveling simple and worry-free. We provide online accounts and digital mail uploads to make checking and receiving your mail simple and fast, no matter where you are or where you’re headed. If we sound like the RV mail forwarding provider for you, we’d love to have your business.