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How to Get RV Mail

How to get RV mail can be a perplexing question for the new RV crowd. When you are traveling in your RV, but still need mail delivered for personal, medical or business reasons, you have a few options for mail delivery to an RV. Getting letters and packages to an RV is a challenge, unless you know a couple of secrets. Check out our guide to getting mail delivered to an RV below!


RV Mail Forwarding Types

There are three main types of RV mail options for you to choose from. Some of the options are just not viable, and one option is perfect. Your choices are post office mail forwarding, a PO Box shop service and a professional RV mailing service. The mail provider you choose should fit your lifestyle to maximize the efficiency.


Mail Forwarding Options:

  • USPS Mail Forwarding Service

  • A PO Box Store Forwarding

  • Professional RV Mail Forwarding


how to get rv mail usps forwarding

USPS Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding from the USPS is a basic free service that may not fit into your traveling itinerary. When using the United States Postal Service for mail forwarding, you only have limited options. This service is intended to forward mail from one address to another address during a moving transition. If your address is an RV full time, where exactly is the start and stop point. It just doesn’t make sense to use USPS forwarding for mail and packages.

If you do have a permanent address that is not on wheels, you can have the mail sent there and then forwarded to a relative or friend’s address for picking up. You will still need to drive your RV from wherever you are to said address, that will not work. That brings us to option number two, the small box shops in any town USA.


How to Get RV Mail Po Box Shop

PO Box Store

A PO Box shop can be a a great local option for receiving mail and having an employee mail boxes for you. You could even use it as an RV mailing address when on the open road. But is this really the best option for your mail forwarding service?

With a box store, you will run into an onslaught of micro-transactions for handling your mail. With high forwarding costs and inability to give personal attention, the PO Box shop does not make sense for long term mail forwarding to an RV. If you pick up your mail from a PO Box shop, you still have the same problem as option number one, going to pick it up. A professional service is probably what you are really looking for to handle your mail.


How to Get RV Mail Professional Service

Professional RV Mail Service

Professional RV mailing services like we offer, is your best bet on a reliable mailing service that is catered towards people who live in RVs. This sort of mailing service is different than the first two choices because it is designed specifically for the RV traveler.

Getting service the way you need it for mail forwarding can be difficult. Choosing a service that is all about RV delivery is a way to get it right. There are multiple benefits that include junk mail filtration, mailing address updates, online viewing of mail and package delivery.


RV Mail Shipping Options

Getting just one type of mail item delivered is not the standard, so our shipping options cover every situation. If reading your mail online is enough, there is not need to physically ship it. If you get a package or need the original contents of an envelope, we can physically ship it to your specified location.


How to Get RV Mail Scanning Service

RV Mail Scanning

RV mail scanning will have your mail delivered very fast, no matter where you are staying. As long as you have an internet connection on your device or you are using a campsite WiFi, you will be able to see your mail in living color. Read the mail that has been delivered to your rented mailing address as if you were there in person!


How to Get RV mail service forwarding

RV Mail Forwarding

RV mail forwarding has you covered when reading your mail online isn’t enough. RV Mail will ship any item you want shipped after viewing the scan in your online account. Mail forwarding is a must have with a rented address, you don’t want to miss out on deliveries that must be forwarded. Some examples include insurance cards, checks, gifts, medication and more.


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How to Get RV Mail Anywhere

Where RVers Receive Mail on the Road

Choosing an address to receive mail on the road from your forwarder is a hard decision to make. That is why our online mail delivery is so crucial to many RV travelers. The mail is received, opened and then scanned to your online account. Read it online and do not worry about a delivery address for your RV. In the case of physical delivery, you have a few options to receive your physically forwarded mail.


Final Destination Options:

  1. Current RV Location

  2. General Delivery

  3. Relative or Friend’s Address


Current Location

A campground or an RV park that you have reservations at is a great choice to receive mail at your current location. Always update where you want your mail sent with your mail forwarding provider.


Post Office General Delivery

If you do not have reservations at a campground or park, you can have your mail sent to a post office of your choosing. Some will hold your mail for 10 to 30 days. Make sure you plan accordingly to avoid missed deliveries of mail.


Relative or Friend

Another option to receive physically forwarded mail to your RV is someone that is close to you. Since you are reading the mail online, most of it will not be forwarded to another address. When it is, just have your loved one hold it for you and mail it when necessary.


How to Get RV Mail Tips

RV Mail Forwarding Tips

Mail can be unpredictable at times, make sure you are ready for anything and be prepared. Follow these few simple tips to be a real road warrior.


  • Choose your rented mailing address wisely. If you are living in an RV, you may want to choose the state where you want to establish a domicile.

  • Make sure the campground you will be receiving mail at knows you and that you will get mail. Cut the confusion and plan accordingly.

  • If you can get paid another way other than a paper check in the mail, do it. The post office is not 100% and will lose items from time to time. And you do not want to wait for a second mailing to get a paper check forwarded from our address to your temporary RV address.

  • Only give your new mailing address to people and companies that you want to receive mail from, decrease the volume and decrease the cost.

  • Switch all monthly correspondences to online statements, reduce the incoming mail.


Order RV Mail Forwarding Service

Order RV mail forwarding service now and get on the road! Signing up with RV Mail is very simple, we believe in not complicating things. Give us where you want a mailing address, the names of the recipients, contact details, mailing address and payment details. Our one page form could not be eaier to order RV mail forwarding.


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