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Premium RV Mail Forwarding”

Washington RV Mail Service

Washington RV Mail Forwarding Service for $99 a Year

What you want is an unlimited open-and-scan mail service that forwards checks and packages for a reasonable charge. That’s what you get with Washington RV mail. We shred your junk mail, scan the full contents of your regular mail, forward originals for $5 plus postage and forward packages for $10 plus postage. We store original documents for 60 days and then we shred them. We store your digital documents permanently. All this for $99 a year. That’s right, it is too good to pass up.

How Our Washington Mail Forwarding Service Works:

We open-and-scan all of your mail for $99 a year. We don’t offer any confusing tiers or services you don’t need. We simply give you a year of unlimited mail you can view online for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. You’ll get a unique Washington address as well and an easy click-to-order physical originals as well.

WA RV Mail Forwarding Service Features:

  • Unique Washington Mailing Address
  • Instant Account Access
  • click-to-request physical original document
  • All Mail Uploaded to Your Digital Account for You to View
  • Daily Mail Scanning
  • Original Mail Physically Forwarded ($5 Per Item Fee)
  • 60 day physical storage, permanent digital storage
  • Junk Mail Shredding
  • All You Pay is $99 Per Year

What’s The Cost For A Washington Mailing Address?

One annual fee of just $99. No up sells. No surprises on you credit card. Just excellent service to keep you in the know while you’re on the road. Everyday we scan the mail we receive, and within minutes of opening it, upload it to your account to view at your leisure. The only extra fee you can incur after enrolling is our $5 fee for forwarding you original documents, and we only do that at your request.

What About Packages?

We can ship any package (something larger or heavier than a standard envelope) to whatever address you like. Our package shipping rate is just the price of postage, plus $10 per item. We also let you decide whether we ship it by UPS or Fedex. Want us to hold onto the package for a while instead? Don’t worry we do that too, and we can ship it to you whenever you need them.

Why Hire Us?

We started this business with a simple idea in mind. Provide mailing support to the thousands of full time RVers stretched out across the US. Our team is always there to help. If you ever need to make a change or request something, you can do so online or by giving us a call. We’re all about keeping you out on the open road, as carefree as possible. We strive to give you the simple, hassle free service that is reminiscent of why you’ve chosen the RV life in the first place.